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A fish


Herring is a valuable commercial fish that lives in Arctic waters and tropical, subtropical slightly salted seas of the southern and northern hemisphere at a depth of about 200 meters. The taste, nutritional value of fish is very different and depends on the processing method, carcass size, season and fishing area. The most valued are the oily ocean herring (Atlantic, Pacific) extracted in the north.
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Medical research and diagnostics

Cholangioscopy (choledochoscopy)

Cholangioscopy is one of the endoscopic studies. It allows you to assess the condition of the intrahepatic and extrahepatic bile ducts. To obtain clear visualization, modern video equipment or fiber-optic optical devices are used. The essence of the method Choledochoscopy is performed using a maternal duodenoscope.
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Disease symptoms

Itchy nose

Nose itching and sneezing for most of us are becoming harbingers of an impending cold. However, symptoms such as burning and itching, nasal congestion and lacrimation may indicate a number of other diseases, such as the development of an allergic reaction or getting into the nasopharynx of a foreign body.
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Medical clothes and devices


The ventilator is a device that breathes instead of the patient or helps him breathe. It is also called a respirator. The medical ventilator is connected to a computer with which it is controlled by a nurse or doctor. The device is connected to a person through a special breathing tube that fits in the mouth, or through a hole in the neck.
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Power components


Proline is one of the essential amino acids, since the body is able to synthesize this substance from the decay product of another amino acid - glutamate. And if there is enough protein food in the diet, it will not be difficult for the body to produce an amino acid that is important for collagen formation, tissue repair, prevention of atherosclerosis and maintaining stable blood pressure.
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Medical services

Seeding on mycoplasmas

There are a number of diseases that may not manifest themselves for a very long time. Every day they increasingly weaken the human body and lead to serious consequences. One of these diseases is mycoplasmosis infection. It manifests itself in rare cases, usually already when it has managed to cause significant harm to health.
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